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About Us

The Futomic Group was formed in 2003 by multi-dimensional project, technology, design & marketing consultants. It is an earnest attempt by the founders to provide high quality & reliable professional services in various domains. The focus of the group is use Innovation & progressive technologies from around the world to create futuristic & market savvy projects.

The group has an extraordinary growth trajectory with umpteen multi-million dollar projects that have created immense profits, brand values & quality experiences for our clients. It is with this goodwill & brand value that the group zooms forward in correlated domains such as Technology, Design & Marketing.


Futomic has carved a name for itself in cutting edge technologies that are not only productivity boosters but also merge in with the domain vertical to give market savvy solutions. Whether it is the ever-growing education sector or the competitive corporate world, Futomic gives you the edge to be better, faster & more profitable than your competitions with an intrinsically customized technology backbone.

Tech Support Ventures

DigiManOnline.com : At DigiMan Online we have created a state of the art lab to assist users worldwide in solving their IT problems. This is done with a team of qualified & certified tech support specialists who have been trained over the years to solve any & all computer problems, even those that are unknown to the user. Our work ethos are:

  • Understanding
  • Evaluation
  • Transparency
  • Clarity
  • Hard Work
  • Quality
  • Value Add
  • Responsibility
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

We service entire US Territories and are very soon going to launch services in UK & Australia. With 24/7 online support geographies hardly make a difference. However we ensure that all clients, big or small, are given the best possible service experience.

DigiManIndia.com : It is one of the very few companies providing professional tech support services to individual, home, and corporate users with detailed AMC / Support packages. We are also the pioneers in creating a state of the art and highly competitive remote support services at great value prices. We provide home and office computer repair services in the cities where our offices are based, specifically Delhi, Mumbai, Noida& Gurgaon.


Innovation is not just a habit but a passion with us. All our projects are unique in their own domain, empowered with concepts & technology. We have integrated various solutions & domains for the first time in India. Our biggest strength is the ability to add value to any / all project(s) that come in our scope / understanding of work. We have done myriad projects where you will feel the strength of concepts, coordination & functionality. For us Innovation is not just a scientific development but more the functional usage of technology, design & marketing that positively changes value equation of the solution. Innovation can as easily be a convergence of various technologies, domains & solutions if it creates an additional value in the system.


Empowered by Quantum principles, Futomic Marketing Division works by partnering in Joint Venture or Consulting Arrangements to assist MD’s, Business Owners and Senior Management who are active, dedicated & serious in their efforts, to

  • Capture market share by winning new customers and wallet share by fulfilling their needs to grow customer loyalty.
  • Making a consistent and continuous effort towards improving their business.
  • Enjoying the time, lifestyle and income their business has the potential of providing them.
  • Create a business that provides a fun and secure work environment.
  • Develop a business that will run and flourish without them having to be there in the day to day detail.
Help Desk Software

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