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How long does it take to start?

Answer :That depends on site & requirements. However for most usage plan cases we are ready to operate with 2-3 days & for dedicated agents in about 7-10 days. The time required is for shortlisting the right candidate for you.

What is required to start?

Answer : All you need to do is send us an email on support@getqualitysupport.com and we shall revert back with a brief questionnaire for you to describe your site, visitors, services / products & call for actions. You can also call us on the Toll Free number listed or the query form. We will call & take things forward from there. We will even help you devise the support procedures or sales process if you have not already done so.

Will your agent be able to communicate with US visitors?

Answer : That is what we do day in & day out! So do not worry, nowadays all clients / visitors are used to being serviced from third part countries. In fact it gives a better impression as you seem big enough to be able to outsource.


The plans are sounding too confusing!

Answer :Just break it down to one service at a time. If you want a dedicated agent whom you will pay monthly, look at dedicated agent plans. If not, the usage plan is for you. Just look at the hourly rates and you will be able to see how much you are saving. Do note that these prices are for college graduates from India who are trained to give support services. So not only do you save money but get Quality too!

What is better, Usage Plans or Dedicated Agents?

Answer : That totally depends on your website & types of services needed. If you have a business where thousands of visitors are coming to your site every month, then you need the dedicated agents. For smaller volumes you can have usage plans. This also changes depending on your sales value or profitability with every sale. The best course of action would be to write to us at sales@getqualityoutsourcing.com& we will get back to you with a customized quote. Also with dedicated agents you are guaranteed an agent that you can talk to or explain your workings. Most companies develop a good working relation with the agent.

What if I use more than the minimum minutes in usage plans?

Answer : You will be charged extra per minute at the same rate as your plan. However in case you use enough to qualify for the next plan we will automatically do so. However we recommend you to be upfront about it so that we can have enough agents ready for the same.

What are backup agents?

Answer :Although each agent is ideally able to handle 2 simultaneous calls or up to 3 support sessions, in case your website gets more simultaneous calls or traffic, we can have another agent share responsibility at peak load times. You simply pay a small weekly fee of $50 and minutes used by the backup agent as per your price plan.


Where do I pay?

Answer :We create customized payment plans for the clients depending on their needs, relevant services and agreed terms. Kindly contact us at sales@getqualityoutsourcing.com to know more about the payment process.

What are the payment methods?

Answer : We have a flexible payment policy that allows you to pay through credit card, wire transfer, bank transfer and any other internationally valid payment system such as PayPal, Western Union etc.

How do I avail the money back guarantee?

Answer :We are very sorry to note that you are contemplating leaving us. Do let us know if we can do anything to change your mind. If you are still certain that you want to leave, you can request for money back directly at our contact numbers or by emailing to admin@getqualityoutsourcing.com . The usage plan users will immediately get a refund of their remaining minutes.


Wouldn’t there be a quality drop if I outsource as compared to resident support team?

Answer :We hire only college graduates and train them for at least a month before putting them on floor. Some of our agents have over 5 years of experience in this line. This ensures that you get quality at all times. There is no doubt that the first time you shift there will be slight dip in quality for a week or two but that is natural even if you shift offices within US. In the long run we will give you better services due to the huge difference in salaries.

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